Name: Olivia
Birthdate: 12/09/1985
Age: 34
Marital status: Divorced
Children: yes
Height: 166 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Hair: Fair
Eyes: Blue
Build body: muscular
Education: Master
Profession: Pediatrician
Smokes: no
Languages: English, Hindu, Marathi
Location: Mumbai
Country: India

Hiya! I’m glad you’re reviewing my profile now, so you’re interested in me! My name is Olivia. I’m a very aspiring, friendly, and hardworking person. I can easily do any job. As for the hardworking, it definitely allows me not to be bored and to spend my time in order to reap the benefits. I have a very responsible job because I work as a pediatrician in one of the local hospitals in Mumbai.
When I was a student and just entered the university, we have been studying some of the general subjects: anatomy and physiology. It was difficult but quite interesting. And in the third year of my years at the university, we started to try out the special subjects. Then I realized that I was not mistaken, inasmuch as I really like it! I studied all the basics thoroughly, and I can say that I studied well. At the end of my university years, I realized that pediatrics is more than just a profession for me, this is a kind of calling, and I will not leave this area. So, then I decided to be an intern and I was required to end up an internship. This internship has been the best experience of my life.
First I worked in a public hospital, then I started to work in a private one. I love my job, but I understand that I want to have my family. I have already achieved a lot in my career, and now I want to fix up my personal life.
I’ve recently realized that I’m suffering a lot from the sensitivity of my nature. Even a word said in jest by a loved one can hurt me to the bottom of my heart. I think I feel unprotected, and therefore I really want to find a strong male who will be ready to protect his little girl. And I also have a dream, I really don’t want to meet this year’s birthday alone. Maybe, my dream will come true?