Name: Ruby
Birthdate: 03/12/1993
Age: 26
Marital status: Unmarried
Children: no
Height: 166 cm
Weight: 51 kg
Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Hazel
Build body: slim
Education: Master
Profession: Travel agent
Smokes: yes
Languages: English, Hindu
Location: New Delhi
Country: India

Hi there! Perhaps, some of my words could be weird for you, but the global situation with coronavirus had inspired me to find my soul mate. Are you surprised? I’m gonna explain it. I am working as a travel agent. It’s a very good job for those who like to travel or those who even not. No, I am not just telling my clients about tours, I also have the right to check out the hotel in person. This is a common approach in the travel business because it is very important to have the correct appearance and performance of the hotel, not just to have a piece of full information from the worldwide network.

I have already visited 10 countries, but alas, my work almost stopped because of this well-known virus. So, I was out of work for a very long time and was at home. I realized that it was very sad to be alone, with no one around ready to cook your breakfast, no one to watch a movie with, and not even someone to talk to. This situation made me very upset and I decided to act, and that’s why I’m here! I have a lot of close friends, and also I have a good family, but all of my loved ones can not going to replace my future husband.

I’m a pretty sociable and funny girl. My closest friends say I’m a very reliable, sociable, and understanding personality. I want to find the same man. So, he should be reliable as me and to let me rely on him, to be funny and sociable, to not be boring. If you think that you meet these criteria, I will be happy to receive your letter! I don’t want to spend my evenings alone again!

Even if you’re just bored being on quarantine, you can chat with me. The time is running so fast when you are engaged in a pleasant conversation with an intelligent woman!

P.S. Write to me with your personal message, and then we will discuss the convenient timeframe and the way of communication.