Name: Elena
Birthdate: 28/01/1994
Age: 26
Marital status: Divorced
Children: yes
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 53 kg
Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Hazel
Build body: slim
Education: Master
Profession: Manager
Smokes: rarely
Languages: English
Location: Agra
Country: India

Hi! My name is Elena, and I would love to talk to you on totally different, interesting, and important topics or just listen to your thoughts and opinions. However, experience has shown, the communication process will be more effective for a particular person if he is ready to give something in return.
Sometimes each of us feels alone, but I am here to make you forget about this feeling. I am not a psychologist, but my innate ability to feel intuitive and my life experience allows me to understand people and share what is troubling them a lot.
Most often a person needs not so much professional help as friendly support and someone who is willing to listen and show a little percent of participation. Having a vast experience in communication with different types of people, I find myself perfectly in common with men, people of different ages, and with a variety of interests. Some loved ones note that I am very good at putting myself in the shoes of another person, not just listening at all.
Do you need someone to tell you about the nagging, about the worrying one? Someone who can give advice or share their vision of the situation? Someone who will listen and not judge? I’m here.Or maybe you just want to share some good news with someone? It’s not for nothing they say that grief divided in two is half is a grief, and joy divided in two is a double joy.
Perhaps, are you seeking for love? I also can help you with that, since I am a kind of a lonely person without my man around me. Don’t be ashamed or afraid to share your thoughts with me. And who knows, perhaps we could be a great couple or close friends? Try it