Name: Emma
Birthdate: 05/04/1997
Age: 23
Marital status: Unmarried
Children: no
Height: 155 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Build body: athlete
Education: High school
Profession: Cashier
Smokes: no
Languages: English, Hindu
Location: Faridabad
Country: India

Hello, guys! I came here to find the man of my dreams, isn’t that you by any chance? I’m going to explain to you who I’m looking for to make you feel better in this case. Therefore, the perfect man must be strong not only physically, but also strong-minded.
He should be rather tender and gentle, and I should always know that I can rely on him in difficult life circumstances. I could count on him for everything. He must obviously be my knight and my supporter.
I wish he remembers me not only when it comes to my birthday, but also on the other holidays and weekdays. I am not saying that he should always give me some expensive gifts, sometimes even a bouquet of flowers can be incredibly pleasant, even just for no reason! It is important that my love should devote his all life to me, not to cheat with other women, when I am not at home. He should take care of me and our future children with a pure heart. Besides, he has to respects my parents and sometimes listening to their voices. It goes without saying because they are my parents. I thank them very much for what they do for me.
I’d like to love an even-tempered, intelligent, and romantic man who will be around all the time that I need him to be there. I’m not going to hiding anything, so I’m going to say that I need a man’s help. What kind of? Just a little secret!
It doesn’t matter what kind of affluence he has. After all, if we are together, then we will be able to achieve a lot. The key thing is to be outspoken and to support each other. Well, I guess that’s it. I think it’s about you, isn’t it? Oh, I almost forgot, my name is Emma. What’s yours?