Not everyone accepts online dating the same way. The Americans are ahead of everyone, whereas the Germans are behind.

In countries, where parents are choosing a future spouse for their child, modern applications are also very popular. CEO of one of the largest dating apps in China says that there is virtually no offline dating culture in the country. In February, the app had 20 million users and generated about ten million happy couples.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to calculate or analyze the level of importance. Companies rarely disclose the data that they are collecting for some purposes. The worldwide dating market capitalization is about $4.5 billion. And it just gets bigger and more competitive every year.

The major pros of dating applications are particularly felt by people who find it difficult to find a partner due to social or physical isolation. The Internet has simplified the search for unisexual partners: it is known that such relationships are either illegal or socially unacceptable in many countries at all. Now it is much safer and more convenient to date online.

The worldwide network gathers together the cohorts of users with common and sometimes specific views on dates and other things. There are a significant number of dating websites, where you can find several life partners at the same time. There are also websites for women, who would prefer a man to raise a child with them, but do not become their romantic partner.

It makes sense. In real life, we meet people who are in a sense similar to us – for example, we share a common acquaintance or we work in the same office. We meet complete strangers online, but with the same interests – which is more important, says Jess Carbino, a sociologist at Bumble.

Quite often people are surfing the web, aiming to find a partner with the same religious beliefs. The level of education and age also plays an important role. Group of researchers at the University of Michigan, based on posts in one of the largest dating applications, have identified who they mainly prefer.

However, not everyone in this area is treated equally. A study by Brach and Newman shows that users of any race find Asian women more attractive than Asian men. And conversely, black men are more popular than black women.