More often residents of big cities are finding their soul mates on the Internet. Moreover, it is uncommon that the correspondence on dating websites or apps even leads to marriage. We asked psychologists how to choose the right partner on the web, what to pay attention to first, and how to recognize the experienced virtual lovers, who are not ready for real relationships.

According to experts, it is best to start your presentation with a photo. It is desirable for girls to upload at least three successful photos. The first one is a portrait with a friendly expression. On the second one, you can show yourself in full height, and on the third – to share live emotions in real life, whether it’s a walk with a dog or rest in the mountains.

It would be better to choose a positively charged photo that you like by yourself. If you are looking for a serious relationship, you shouldn’t post out candid photos or pictures in a swimsuit. There will be plenty of offers, but they are unlikely to suit you. Those who limit themselves to one picture may go unnoticed.

Okay, the photos are ready. What’s next? What to write about yourself? Neither women nor men are advised to write their full biography and plans for the future. A few vivid phrases are enough, and it’s best to do it humorously.

Girls can write something like “I like to travel, drive a car, and make pancakes”. You don’t have to write about yourself in detail, otherwise, your chosen one may decide that you are a nerd. Experts advise posting the details for closer acquaintance. It is necessary to attract the person on the other side of the screen.

How to act?

There’s no need to postpone the correspondence, so it doesn’t turn into an online novel. If having chatted with a person, you have understood that the person is nice to you, you can exchange phone numbers and call to begin with, and then make an appointment.

The most common mistake that people face on dating sites – when they just dive into the process, forgetting about the real world. And they are starting to postpone the communication for months instead of building a real live relationship.

A real person with serious intentions is not configured for long network communication. If the person keeps delaying the meeting, referring to a lack of time, or does not provide you with a phone number, he or she is just wasting your time. Over time, it may turn out that he or she is married, and just gets the attention that he lacks at home at the dating website.