Name: Tara
Birthdate: 16/03/1999
Age: 21
Marital status: Unmarried
Children: no
Height: 166 cm
Weight: 57 kg
Hair: Fair
Eyes: Hazel
Build body: slim
Education: Master
Profession: Content manager
Smokes: no
Languages: Hindu, Urdu, English
Location: New Delhi
Country: India

You know, some people say that if you want something so bad, it will come true! I’m already a pretty big girl, but notwithstanding that I sometimes just want to believe in a fairytale. No, don’t think about it, I’m not looking for a prince, because I’m not a queen. I am just an ordinary girl who wants to be loved and share her true sense. I just want to be happy. There are fewer and fewer good men nowadays, but every girl dreams of her man, her prince, even someone perfect. Nobody’s perfect in this world, but I still have an idea as should be the man of my dreams.
The man of my dreams is the man you can rely on as on yourself. Besides, he is the man, with whom you won’t be afraid to rush into the fire, water, pass, and run around the world. He should always understand me as I understand him. I should be fond of a good blaze around him. The man of my dreams may not be the most attractive male in the world since his inner qualities are prevailing. Those qualities even attract me more than an appearance at all.
First and foremost, my future husband should be responsible, affectionate, striving to care for his family, be funny, and always support me in a difficult situation. He should probably love children. He just is like, when you are afraid, “so, c’mon, give me your hand, baby, everything will be all right!”. And just hold my hand tight.
That’s my type of prince. When our hearts are beating on a tune, it’s easy to think about the future life with that kind of man. It’s just because you can wake up and see him around, you’ll know he’s always been with you. By the way, my name is Tara, nice to meet you, stranger.