Speed dating is a decent way to participate in some kind of express dating, which has become popular recently and is developing rapidly enough. Speed dating gives you an opportunity to meet new and interesting people, among whom you can choose the most interesting person in order to continue your communication as a friend or even to establish a family. Speed dating gives you the opportunity to meet and communicate with ten or more new people during the one evening, who want to date in the future or just talk.

The speed dating goals are different for all guests, who had visited the event. More often it is just a desire to find a soul mate for a long-term relationship, including the establishment of the family. There are also great opportunities for flirting or finding a close friend. All of the participants of speed dating meetings are self-sufficient people who value their free time. One of the major reasons why dating parties are popular is a lack of spare time to fix up personal life.

How’s everything going?

To make speed dating easier, all of the are often tables numbered, and the participants receive badges, where they are able to write their names or other data. Besides, we should add that passports are not checked at the entrance. It is generally forbidden to attend the speed datings being intoxicated. The only guest with special tickets can attend such kind of events, so there is no strangers are allowed during the event. And you should remember not too late since you are risking to miss multiple express dates at once.

It is believed that there is no certain type of people who go on speed dating. Here you can meet people from a wide variety of professions, people with different characters, social statuses, interests, and outlook on life.

Women are 30% more likely to decide to participate in speed dating. However, men who have tried speed dating at least once, continue to attend such events 30% more often than ladies. Overall, 95 percent of men and 80 percent of women talk about their speed dating experience.

If you decide to visit the speed dating event again, the probability of meeting someone from last night in the big city is less than 1%. If it did happen, don’t be upset: you won’t spend a lot of time to communicate with each other. Or maybe it’s your fate?

If you are hesitant to choose only one person from all the participants of the evening, let’s say: choose a few. The managers advise marking all the favorite vis-a-vis because no one knows whether you will reciprocate the only interlocutor or not.